Construction project – hot-dip galvanizing workshop. Workshop structure – single-storey three-bay framed building. Overall longitudinal building length along the 1-15 axes – 150m and transverse length along the A-D axes – 66.850m. In plan view, building of complex rectangular shape. Bays number and size – eleven bays with width L = 12m along the A-B axes, nine bays with width L = 12m along the B-V axes, eight bays with width L = 12m along the V-D axes; three bays with width L = 6m along the A-V axes, two bays of L = 6m along the V-G axes. Column bottom elevation – hзагл. = -0.7m.


This hot-dip galvanizing workshop is developed as per the individual design exclusively for the “AVDEEVKA CONSTRUCTIONAL IRONWORKS” PAO and is one of main stages of the plant modernization and technical re-equipment process, since it is equipped with the high-technology equipment manufactured by the Italian “Bisol” Company being leader in galvanizing equipment supply field.

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