PJSC Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant celebrated its 68th anniversary in 2014. Following the results of these years it has become the leading competitive enterprise specialized in manufacturing of power transmission lines, railway line items as well as in civil and industrial building.

According to industry-specific characteristics PJSC Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant refers to power engineering and electrification enterprises and according to its production type refers to mechanical engineering and metalworking enterprises.

2The annual production capacity is about 18 thousand tons of steel constructions and fabricated metal products per year

Nowadays PJSC Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant is the specialized enterprise for the design, development and production: polygonal bent poles made of flat steel, bolted and welded steel towers for overhead power transmission lines and open air switchgear substation portals with voltage 0,4 – 10 kv and 35 – 500 kv, antenna masts for radio relay communication lines, spotlight masts; metal molds for production of concrete goods; supports with metal mounted hard for the suspension of the contact network of AC and DC electrified railways; steel structures for by-product coke and metallurgical plants (steel structures for gas duct, bases for combined heat and power units (CHP), cable racks, pipeline, beam and staircase supports); mounted drilling-crane equipment.

Products are manufactured according to the drawings of the technical department of the factory, unified drawings of design organizations and for individual projects of the customers.

Depending on the purpose of metal constructions and metal products produced by the plant for anticorrosive protection the technological processes dirt and casing colour, if necessary – hot dip galvanizing are used.

On the production areas of the plant are used:

– technological the processes of welding manual, semi-automatic in the air and in the environment of carbonic gas; gas cutting;

– processing of metals by cutting (rolling and stamped metal, casting);

– technological operations of hot stamping parts of metal structures with pre-heating of fabricated metal products, processing of metals by pressure.

The plant is located near the raw material resources such as coal, metal, electrical power units; it’s also located near railway tracks and Black and Azov Sea Ports. The profitable plant location gives us broad opportunities for the cooperation with our future customers.

The plant’s products is highly competitive and the quality is not inferior to the world standards.

The plant took part in the liquidation of natural disasters, accidents, repeatedly won tenders for the production of products for power facilities in Ukraine and abroad.

At this time a new technology is introduced and the construction developes. The main task of the technical policy for the year of 2012 is the reconstruction and technological modernization of the production and increase of production competitiveness. The high rates of construction of electric grid objects and objects related to the application of MSBR (the many-sided bent racks) has set a new strategic goal – development of the production of many-sided bent racks in a full cycle. Also in the course of technical re-equipment of the plant the construction of the shop of hot galvanizing and installation in it of high-tech equipment of the leading european manufacturers is completing.

4The first stage of the project, the installation and commissioning of the equipment at the moment, is realized. All the equipment complies with the european standards and requirements on indicators of sustainability, productivity, quality of products and level of automation. In a consequence of that, PJSC “AVDIYIVSKY METAL CONSTRUCTION DETAILS PLANT” is the first and the only enterprise in Ukraine producing this kind of product. The work on the recruitment and training of specialists in design of the MSBR was completed, the project team to work with the design of software products (“Leary”, “CAD CAM”, “Tekla”) is organized. The process of obtaining the licence for design works in the field of industrial and civil construction is on the stage of completion, in the manufacture of power transmission line from 0.35 – 750 Kw, traverse, and substation equipment, etc. All the products are made according to the drawings of design organizations, as well as on individual projects of the customer.

Due to new types of products the plant, first of all, is oriented to the domestic market. This kind of products in Ukraine is not made to date, and purchased mainly in the three countries – Russia, Poland and Turkey. In general, geography: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia. For this purpose “APMS” has been attested in JSC “UES FGC”, with the aim of making plant in the register of suppliers of metal structures of towers of power transmission lines and switchgears. Up tol the middle of 2012, the plant plans to pass certification in the JSC “FGC UES” -the production of the MSBR.

The same can be said about drilling-crane facilities producing, metalware products, and on the big list of metal structures for the coke-chemical and metallurgical industry, as well as civil construction. Plant’s own design bureau allows to develop the EID. As an example: the construction of a retail-entertainment center “Golden ring” – all metal structures manufactured by “APMS”, involved in the manufacture of metal constructions for “Donetsk-City”, construction of the terminal of the airport and the brand new indoor water park in Donetsk. Metal structures for industrial use – Avdeevka and Yasinovka coke plants, Yenakieve steel rolling plant.

The main principles in the work of Avdeevskiy metal constructions details plant is the provision of high-quality products corresponding to the international standards. The plant is oriented to the needs and requirements of clients, striving to become efficient and competitive producer of metal constructions and show strong growth and profit, regardless of the phase of the economic cycle higher than average industry indicators.





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