In 2012, PJSC AZMK launched a project of power supports on the basis of multisided steel poles for the construction of overhead power lines, one of which was a power support PMG 330-28. Structure design was made in accordance with the EIC (Electrical Installation Code) for normal and emergency modes (outer phase break, middle phase break, cable break).

The final stage included full-scale certification tests of the support to determine the bearing capacity and deformability in the basic design conditions. According to the test results, the support PMG 330-28 complied with all the stated requirements and was put into batch production.

Installation of multisided supports in the amount of 56 pieces on the reconstructed site of Kakhovskaya – Dzhankoy high-voltage power line of 330 kV has been successfully implemented, which allowed to demonstrate the high potential and advantages of this type of supports, as compared to “conventional” grid-type supports. The advantages, primarily, include a long service life, stability under wind loads and the speed of installation. In addition, multisided supports occupy less space, reducing the area of ​​land allocation for the construction and providing a more rational attitude to agricultural land.

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