THE REPUBLIC OF DAGESTAN. Artem – Stekolnaya LINE, 110 kV

On May 17, 2013, the Branch of JSC FSK EES – the Main Power Grids (MPG) of the South – completed the construction work on the 110 kV Artem – Stekolnaya-1 and Artem – Stekolnaya-2 lines in the Republic of Dagestan. The work has been performed within six months under the construction of 110 kV Stekolnaya Substation.
Fifty-six supports on the basis of multisided steel poles (28 corner dead-end poles and 28 intermediate poles produced by PJSC AZMK) have been installed along 2 line routes, with a length of 3.7 km each.
Multisided supports have high corrosion resistance, gust-and-glaze loading resistance and a long service life of up to 50 years. Modern design of these supports with ready-made sections and a minimum number of connections can significantly reduce labour costs for its installation. In addition, new supports occupy less space, reducing the area of ​​land allocation for the construction and providing a more rational attitude to agricultural land.
Commissioning of new power lines will allow transmitting electric power from Artem Substation of 330 kV to Stekolnaya Substation of 110 kV, with a total capacity of 182 MW. This will ensure reliable power supply to a number of major industrial projects in the Republic, including the construction of a flat-glass production plant, the creation of a plant for the production of tiles and ceramic granite, and mining and processing combined works.

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