Hot-dip galvanizing is the process where galvanized products are manufactured by dipping into the bath of molten zinc. Before the hot-dip galvanizing, following operations are carried out: chemical pretreatment of fabricated metal products in degreasing tanks for the subsequent etching in hydrochloric acid solutions, treatment in flux tank, preheating and drying of products to be galvanized. A thickness of such coating ranges from 70 to 120mm according to requirement. Advantages of this coating are obvious, since it provides product anti-rust protection and improves some its characteristics, of which most obvious are aesthetic appearance and higher wear resistance enhancing its chemical and mechanical stability limits.
Considering advantages of the present type of metal products coating, management of the “Avdeevka constructional ironworks” PAO made decision to extend a list of services rendered to our clients and to launch in-house workshop, which will perform this type works.

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