Key feature of coil metal straightening and cutting line is installation of the system based on the measuring feed grips, which provides space length tolerance of up to 0.2mm per stroke length regardless of sheet length, line speed or material thickness. In order to provide production of workpieces with the high accuracy characteristics, feed system is based on the slip-free material feed technology. The better gripping, the higher finished product accuracy. Roller feeding mechanisms are capable of material gripping on the relatively small area where rollers touch the material surface. Because of effect of material thickness variation and insignificant surface area of feed rollers contact, increase in the processed material thickness and width, as well as increase in sheet length or line working speed, results in substantial rise of material slippage probability.

The grip feed system is characterized by considerably larger area of material gripping, which enables application of greater force in order to avoid material slippage without its damage. Irrespective of whether galvanized material or hot-rolled steel is processed, the system is capable of providing the high accuracy performance within every thickness range.

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