Products are manufactured according to drawings of technical department of the plant, unified drawings of engineering companies and individual projects of customers.


PJSC Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant fulfills orders of any complexity, promptly, in a short time. There is an Engineer Center in the Plant, where products being developed. Technical documentation development is carried out by modern projecting systems. All the drawings, CNC data, necessary reports are received from project model. This allows minimizing project mistakes and reducing manufacturing terms.


The following technologies are used at production areas: – hand and semi-automatic welding, welding in sulfide environment, gas cutting; – processing of metal by cutting (rolling and stamped metal, mould) – hot stamping operations with details pre-heating, pressure processing.


In spite of this, the main technological policy task at this stage is reconstruction, modernization of the manufacturing and improving the competitiveness of products. According to technical re-equipment process, the hot-dip galvanizing production unit is being built. The high-tech equipment provided in the unit is produced by Bisol Company, which is a leader of the branch. The equipment corresponds the environmental requirements, productivity, quality and automatization level. The hot-dip galvanizing is the leading metal protecting technology. Protection terms of hot galvanized products amounts to 30 years. The line includes filters, recovery system. This makes producing environmental safe and effective. The installation of telemetry and managing system allows visualizing and controlling of the galvanizing process through the internal Plant network.


The main principle of the enterprise is to provide high quality products, corresponding to international standards.


The high rate of building of power grid facilities and communication facilities using polygonal bent poles gives a new strategic goal: full cycle of polygonal bent poles production. The first step is installation and startup of polygonal pole production line, manufactured by OMM, Italy. This company specializes on providing of industrial equipment for conical and polygonal cross cut poles producing for: – sea ports, airports, highways, stadiums, etc. lighting; – fixed and mobile telephony; – backbone distribution lines of low, medium and high voltage


PJSC Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant starts a fully automated system – polygonal and conical poles producing line, including bending, welding, conveyance of the pole from unwinding up to galvanizing and storage. Currently PJSC Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant is the first and the only enterprise in Ukraine, producing polygonal and conical poles of the given range.

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